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With a multitude of opinions available on how Christians should approach wealth and finance, it's no wonder there is so much division on the subject. It's one of the most highly contested areas of teaching amongst Christians today. With extremes ranging from seeing money as evil to that of 'naming and claiming', WisdomOnWealth (WOW) is here to give a balanced biblical approach on the subject and the role wealth should play in the life of Christians. The good news is that there's plenty of scripture for us to look at.

Right the way back to Genesis we see the Bible teeming with references on wealth. Over 2,000 in fact! And it's not just an Old Testament theme either. Around half the parables that Jesus told involved money or possessions and the New Testament writers had some key things to say as well.

If you as an individual understand how the Bible 'really' views wealth, develop a right relationship with money, and correctly steward that which God has entrusted you with, then you can start to see true biblical prosperity in action. This site will equip you to see God’s blessings flow through you into the lives of others.

For you as a Christian in business we want to help you use your entrepreneurial gift to recognise your gifting and be released to be a success in the marketplace.

And for you as a church leader, everything here will help resource the work of mission, church planting, giving to the needy and impacting your community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Partner with us today as we commit to see lives transformed and ministries across the world resourced to bring hope and healing to a lost generation.




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